360 minutes art: Seoul Exhibition

“Maschinenträume 3”: Art Exhibition, Seoul, South Korea, 2015 – SA-PO

“Reflective absence”

Printed on 850g hand made paper, mixed media
90 x 65 cm I Single Edition

Maschinenträume Exhibition - Igor Posavec, Sven Sauer: Future fatigue

“Alienated desire”

Printed on 850g hand made paper, mixed media
90 x 65 cm I Single Edition

an allegory for the urban contamination?

SA-PO: The art of “Maschinenträume”

Maschinenträume II art series conclude the one year concept and creation of urban, artificial landscape stories, made of 13 single pictures. The lonely android, an analogy for transporting hopes, fears, dreams, leaves the main stage.

All artworks has been published as unique piece of artwork (1/1), on 90×75 exclusive hand made 850g paper and has been sold during the Seoul, Korea, Exhibtion in 2014.

“Maschinenträume” is a collection of original artworks created by artists Igor Posavec and Sven Sauer (SA-PO). In our works we develop illusions that put the viewer’s perception to the test. Again and again, the we are thematically pulled to mega-cities such as Tokyo, Shanghai or New York. Our works show symptoms of a society and the tempo of a technology development that has exceeded the measure which a civilization is capable to absorb. The result is an exhilarating rationalist romanticism for a civilization which is obsessed of being addicted to reality…Rich in images, the artists tell of the lonely search for identity and intimacy amid the global brand epidemic.

The 360 Minutes Art exhibition runs for exactly 6 hours.
Only in this short time frame can visitors admire the unpublished, never seen before artworks. Once the time is up all unsold artworks will be burned and destroyed forever. This social-critical event inevitably forces us to examine the value of art in relation to the constantly accelerating life of our fast paced society.
Igor Posavec (SA-PO) Art Exhibition in Seoul
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