Igor Posavec is an illustrious 3D artist, designer, visual developer and lecturer for digital art and technology. His experience includes 20 years of design, game art and product design. Some of his designs belong to the classics of 3d and CG creations, like the fantastic Physikus worlds or the adventure style Perry Rhodan Game. In addition to his 3d art, he is an expert in the research of new visual forms and experiences as well as concepts for innovative 3d software tools. 

Using the accumulated experience from countless productions, Igor Posavec has recently moved to the development of a unique visual language for his ideas. Together with Sven Sauer he has founded the “SA-PO” art project, which became popular during the provocative “360 Minutes Art” exhibitions. 

(Instructor and Faculty Member)
Lecturer at Mainz University of applied Sciences
Lecturer at Hochschule Geisenheim University
Instructor at Weltenbauer for digital art 

2019 – “Goethe-Institut Exhibition” Gallery & Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany
2018 – “Transformation” Cologne Art Exhibition in Cologne, Germany
2018 – “Galerie Linse” Gallery Exhibition in Wiesbaden, Germany
2017 – “Author’s meeting with photographer Tomasz Gudzowaty” Art Gallery Quadrilion in Warsaw, Poland
2016 – “A Bad End Story” Exhibition in Berlin, Germany
2016 – “Babette – Art week Berlin” Exhibition in Berlin, Germany
2016 – “The Dark Rooms – Art Exhibition” in Berlin, Germany
2015 – “Charivari – Volume 1” Exhibition in Lissabon, Portugal
2015 – “360 Minutes of Art – Volume 4” Exhibition in Danzig, Poland
2014 – “360 Minutes of Art – Volume 3” Exhibition in The Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul (서울시), South Korea
2014 – “360 Minutes of Art – Volume 2” Exhibition in Warsaw, Poland
2014 – “360 Minutes of Art – Volume 1” Exhibition in Wiesbaden, Germany 

2013 – Co-Founder and member of “360 Minutes of Art
2013 – Art Lecturer at Mainz University of Applied Sciences
2012 – Igor Posavec and Sven Sauer have founded SA-PO Art Project
2001 – He is the founder, creative art director and manager of the Germany based 3d-io game and video design GmbH GFX studio.


Igor Posavec

Igor Posavec has studied communication design at Mainz University of Applied Sciences as Bachelor of Art, where he works today as lecturer for 3d animation and design.

Igor Posavec was born in 1972 in Belgrade and lives and works today in Wiesbaden, Germany.

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