“360 minutes art” is proud to announce the upcoming event “360 MINUTES ART: VOLUME 2.

The highly anticipated exhibition, famous for its radical way of presenting original artworks, is going to be held on Saturday, October 18th, 2014, at the SOHO Factory in Warsaw, Poland.

The leading figure of this exhibition is the famous polish artist Joanna Sarapata who will present her paintings as well as the German artists Babak Nafarieh (the initiator of “360 Miniutes Art”), Joanna Rutkowska, SA-PO Team (Sven Sauer and Igor Posavec), Thomas Wunsch and Alexander Mink.


The exhibition will start at 3:00 pm in the SOHO Factory and will last for exactly 360 minutes.

There is no admission charge.

Below you can find more information about the concept of “360 Minutes Art”.

Please announce this event in your medium. 

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Facts about 360 minutes art:


3 6 0   M I N U T E S   A R T

The artists show their works for exactly 360 minutes. Pictures will be shown neither before nor after the exhibition, but only within this strictly fixed time period.

A big red digital clock shows the minutes passing by. Once the clock has counted down to zero, all artworks which have not found a buyer are taken down and burned in a fire in the yard.

All the people who come together there within those 360 minutes go through a unique experience that is not repeatable.

A R T  O F  D E S T R U C T I O N

The artists are concerned with a burden of our civilization, which is enshrined in our present existence: “Chronic shortage of time”. Byproducts of a society which is obsessed by size and speed…

How would we perceive a human who has just 360 minutes to live? How will we look at an artwork that has just 360 minutes to live? If I have only six hours to attend an event, I will see it in a different way…

Due to the impending destruction of the artworks, a rare situation is created which causes us to step back and to perceive the fleeting moment of “now”.
Something that is about to die, seems to be more alive at this moment.

The exhibition turns into a time bubble, a lever to make this feeling visible for the viewer.

And the viewer is part of it… without being able to escape.
Igor Posavec SOHO Factory Warsaw